Thickness Gage With Special Modified Anvil – A modern, fast method of measuring surface profiles on blasted surfaces!
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Locate a representative surface site.
Select grade of Press-O-Film® – 0.8 to 2.5 mils use “Coarse”, 1.5 to 4.5 mils use “X-Coarse”.
Prepare snap gage, clean anvils, adjust dial gauge to read a minus 2 mils (8 mils when anvils are shut.)
Peel Press-O-Film® from slide.
Check unexposed film with gage. Film may vary in thickness and maximum limits of profiles cannot exceed thickness of film coating.
Apply film on blasted surface.
Rub burnishing tool over the round cut-out portion of Press-O-Film®. Press-O-Film® will become darker when replicated, so make sure that the entire circular area has uniformly darkened.
Remove replica and place between anvils on snap gage, making sure replica is centered in between anvils. Gage reading is the average maximum peak to valley heights of the blasted surface. (When snap gage is adjusted as per Step 3).