The trusted name for Engineering and Industrial Tools, established in 2018. We deal in all kinds of Precision Measuring & Testing Instruments, Electrical and Electronic Test and NDT Equipments. In order to increase our clientage, we welcome more and more customers to join us for our mutual benefits.

We try to cater the Indian Industry with changing & ever growing demand for all types of tools i.e. Machine Tool Accessories, Hand Tools, Measuring Tools and any other type of tools required for the development of the industry.

Ours is the organization who believes in quality products only. Price is not remembered long but quality is remembered for years while using the products & tools.

Availability reliability and quality are our specialties and we are giving prime importance to the satisfaction of our customers through the quality of the products and services and reasonable price.

In the changing scenario, we recognized the need for distributing quality Tools and Equipments at a low cost supported by excellent after sales service to dealers across the country.

Products and Services

Supply & services of Precision Measuring Instruments, Optical Instruments & Magnifiers, Test & Measuring Equipments, Hand Tools, Machine Tools & Accessories, Electric Tools, Torque Wrenches & Accessories, etc., With our contacts & associates in U.K., U.S.A, and Japan, we help our customers for imports of various Industrial items.

The various types of equipment which we offer are listed below : –

Mitutoyo (Japan)
Measuring Instruments Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Profile Projector, Optical Measuring, etc.
Peacock (Japan)
Precision Measuring Instruments Dial Thickness Gauge, Bore Gauge, Internal Caliper, etc.
Imada (Japan)
Push Pull Gauge, Force Gauges, Motorized Test Stand, Manual Test Stand, etc.
Elektrophysik (Germany)
Coating Thickness Gauges, Pin Hole Detection, Gloss Measurement, etc.
Tohnichi (Japan)
Torque Wrenches, Dial Type Torque Wrenches, Torque Screw Drivers, etc.
Baker (India)
Dimensional Metrology, Thread Plug & Ring Gauge, Air Gauges, Dial Gauge, CMM, etc.
Kristeel (India)
Measurement, Engineering Gauges Foot Rule, Weld Gauges, Gear Tooth Pitch Gauges, etc.
Insize (Asia)
Precision Measuring Instruments, Digital Scale, Linear Gauge, Microscopes, etc.
Luthra / Bagson
Surface Plates, Stand for Surface Plate, Bench Centers, Angle Plate, Right Angle, etc.
RSK/FSK (Japan)
Precision Levels etc.
Oppama (Japan)
Engine Tachometer etc.
Teclock (Japan)
Internal Calipers, Hand Tachometers,
Niigataseiki (Japan)
Digital Levels, Pin Gauges
Kori (Japan)
P Type Calipers, Duro Meters
Lutron (Taiwan)
Testing Instruments Dissolve Oxygen Meter, Sound Level Meter, Ph Meter, Conductivity Meter, etc.
Toptul (Taiwan)
General Tools, Impact & Power Tools, Auto Tools, Tool Kits & Trolleys, etc.
DreBon (Taiwan)
Professional Air Tools & Accessories, Power Tools, etc.

Calibration and Service

We offer the following services to reduce your operational costs and calibrate your equipment through Third Party.

  • Most types of gauging and Metrology Equipment such as Dial indicators, Micrometers, Verniers, Height Micrometers etc. Surface Roughness testers, coating thickness Gauges and Electronic Levels can be repaired economically in our Instrument Repair Section.
  • We undertake repairs of all types of precision measuring and Inspection instruments including Electronic instruments.
  • Lab can Repair, Service and issue calibration certificates as per National standards.

We look forward for your continuous support in the years to come.

Thanking you and assuring our best services at all times.

“A Customer is the most valuable visitor to our premises; he is not an obstruction to our activities rather, he is the purpose of everything we do”